From student loans to car maintenance

Stop student loans abuse, bankruptcy is not an option

Live Rich Save Money! From Student Loans to Car Maintenance in 9 Wonderful Ways.

Thousands of students and parents have learned how to stop student loan debt from ruining their credit report and their future with this book

In as little as 30 days, learn to get low cost  student loans for school, affordable colleges, and important concepts from saving money to car maintenance tips.

American students have heard for decades, that there are many guarantees with a college education. The main guarantee; is that you will live a glorious and fulfilling life with a well-paid and interesting job after college graduation.

That was before the school loan debt crises visited us. Now the question. How to get a college education without getting deep into school loan debt that will send you into bankruptcy?

The puzzle is to figure out how to get a good education with low, or even better – no debt, at an affordable college, saving money on the way.

College graduates are feeling the financial crunch in every aspect of their life. They went to college, many of them  not understanding the excessive cost or the total amount of school loans they would incur as a result of getting an education. The next worse thing was the loan terms. The contractual terms of school loans are not always clear or easy to understand.

With this book —You will learn to live rich, and save money for the things you want and need after college—by understanding everything you sign, including school loan contracts. These seemingly simple contracts can create misery in your life, for the rest of your life.

There are many different types of school loans, some have high debt, some have hidden debt, some have low debt, some are too confusing and predatory to accept period.

Most loan defaults include garnishing your check if you get behind in payments when you finally get a job. Because it can take a while to get a job after graduation, it is not uncommon for college students to get into loan default. This can take your finances in a downward spiral for a long time if you don’t understand that making payments on time, every single month, after your grace period, are absolutely essential. If you cannot make payments, you must know viable alternatives put in place by the government.

With this book you can find out how to:

  • Look for affordable colleges as a viable option
  • Analyze quality student loans and other options
  • Find low debt options for education
  • Guarantee not missing a single school loan payment
  • Use the options the government has in place to avoid school loan bankruptcy
  • Understand financial aid and its limitations for everyone

What is the Solution to Saving Money on School Loans and Staying Out of Debt?

There is a solution to all of the predatory school loan madness. Studying colleges, college cost, and school loan cost and requirements are essential to avoid school loan debt problems. You can get a good education; go to an affordable college, university or tech school without incurring massive school loan debt if you do your homework before you take the leap. Stay out of debt with my other money saving options in the book, and understand that you must repay your school loans.

This Book Contains:

>Over 9 powerful ways to save money from school loans to car maintenance

>The predatory school loan debt crises and how not to become a part of it

>It is possible to go to college in America without large school loan debt, only if you do your homework first

>The terrible effect large student loans can have on your life, for your life

>College students and graduates can save money and stay current with their bills

>The government has a solution to maintain your credit rating if you make the mistake of too much school loan debt, but you must apply for it.

>>>Thousands of college students have kept their school loan debt very low by using the principles outlined in this book, and live a satisfying life while in college with my money saving techniques.

>>>You will experience peace of mind you never dreamed of every time you pay all of your bills easily and on time with the techniques in this book.

>>>You can protect yourself from unscrupulous college student loan brokers especially those with hidden private and predatory loans. Read More >>>


author, Lois Center-Shabazz